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Freelance Commercial Diving, Inc.

Do you ever have a situation where someone had to work in an area normally underwater (or worse)? This could have been an emergency repair, some maintenance work, or simply inspecting for damage? Wouldn't it be useful to call someone qualified to work underwater of in effluent?

Here at Freelance Commercial Diving, we can take care of any problem that can be solved or simplified with a professional dive team. We are experienced in:

  • Search, rescue, and recovery.
  • Underwater maintenance and repair (including welding).
  • Line and tank inspection (including documenting results).
  • Working in low visibility, high current, and/or unsanitary conditions.

To be sure of our qualifications, we are:

  • With over 30 years experience.
  • Fully insured.

In case of an emergency, please call 513-659-9616.

Working in an airless environment

Whether it's to simply find and repair the hole in your pool or the hole in a water tower, we can fix it. We've fixed blender rods in soap vats, garbage mash pits and even a farmers corn sylo. Working with insurance companies, we've recovered cars that were submerged from accidents as well as cars with bodies in their trunks. Unfortunately, we've even recovered family pets.

Wolf Olson is the owner and operator of Freelance Commercial Diving, Inc. Taught diving by the Navy, he has a genuine love for his work. He is a well-seasoned commercial/hard hat diver with over 30 years experience in the diving field. Freelance is a newly incepted company with high standards and a broad base of knowledge blended with a small town friendliness.

Freelance Commercial Diving is fully insured and carries workman's compensation. The standards that are used in diving are taken directly from the OSHA manual. Among a multitude of credentials, Wolf is a certified diving medic, a certified hazmat field service operator and has instructed open water search and recovery missions as well as local police agencies.

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